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Deep Decision 

(R)Evolutionary Trees

AiX Platform

The Ailysium

The Future of AI... Today! 

Genetic DNA-Based Evolutionary

Explainable Artificial Intelligence 

Explore the most powerful Deep Decision Evolutionary Trees built on top of the cutting edge decentalized  Evolutionary Machines with unlimited capacity and  incredible performance. 

AI-Based Smart Touchless Devices for
                       Modern Cities, 
                                       Better Health &
                                                     Enhanced Security 



Cognitive Capability

                  Actionable Insight  

                             Anticipate the Future


AilluminateX, LLC. (Delaware Corp)  is an AI-Cognitive-based company that provides solutions and consultancy services for enterprise applications. AignosticX™ is AilluminateX’s state-of-art agnostic-cloud-based platform that has cognitive abilities that provides actionable insight and can predict and anticipate the future.


AignosticX™  uniquely combines techniques from Evolutionary/Genetics AI, Deep Learning, and Deep Decision Trees (including Fuzzy Logic/Soft Computing Techniques) to learn and find the best solution both from the ground up (data) and from the top down (business rules).  This is done in a massively parallel and automated fashion.


AilluminateX LLC Startup program: AilluminateX to license AignosticX-AI technologies to the startup companies.


AilluminateX to license its Intellectual Property - AignosticX-AI technologies to keep them relevant.

AiX Platform


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